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St Thomas is a pretty city in southern Ontario that is probably most famous for being the tragic end of Jumbo the elephant back in 1885. Unfortunately poor Jumbo and a certain freight train happened to be on opposing ends of the force continum one afternoon. The freight train won. But if it wasn't for that train, Jumbo might have faded into elephant obscurity instead of being immortalized with a giant statue of himself which is now a prominent landmark in the city of St. Thomas.

At Lillypad Cover Company, our St Thomas Hot tub covers are designed to protect your spa or jacuzzi from rain, snow, sunshine, falling leaves and other expected hazards. Thankfully if you live in St Thomas Ontario, you don't have to worry about elephants wandering by to enjoy your hot tub. The closest you'll ever get will be that awesome statue.


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elephant hot tub
We're not sure that one of our St Thomas hot tub covers would protect your spa from a thirsty elephant. Chances are you'll never have to find out!


At Lillypad we construct St Thomas hot tub covers out of top quality materials at an extremely reasonable price. When you order a spa cover from us, it is our goal to ensure that your new spa cover will provide many years of excellent insulation, good looks and easy handling - on and off. Simple, hassle-free service combined with high quality materials and craftsmanship is our hot tub cover committment to you.

And don't forget that shipping and delivery of your St Thomas hot tub cover is absolutely free. That's right - Not only do our hot tub cover prices start at only $339 but we'll drop your new hot tub cover off right at the door of your home or business free of charge.

Mass produced hot tub covers can be hit and miss for actually fitting your hot tub properly. At Lillypad we make our hot tub covers one at a time based on your spa measurements so you can be assured that when your hot tub cover arrives at your door in St Thomas it will fit perfectly. To get started simply follow the links on the right side of the page starting with home and pricing and follow the simple instructions for measuring up your spa. Your replacement hot tub cover will arrive at your door in St Thomas Ontario in 10 to 14 days.

Jumbo the Elephant in St. Thomas Ontario

One of the ways you can tell that your St Thomas hot tub cover needs replacement is when it starts to get heavy. If you've been feeling like moving your spa cover on and off your tub is starting to feel like lifting Jumbo it's time for a new one. Hot tub covers absorb moisture over time, and once they do they start to also lose their insulative properties.

To get an idea of what a waterlogged hot tub cover does to the heat retention of your spa, imagine walking around for a few hours on a cold wintery St Thomas night with a soaking wet jacket on. Water makes for lousy insulation and actually increases heat transfer. The last thing you want, especially if you are hoping to keep your St Thomas hydro bills in check, is a waterlogged jacuzzi cover.

Why wrestle with a heavy hot tub cover that isn't doing a very good job when you can quickly, safely and easily order a replacement St Thomas hot tub cover right now? We have hundreds of satisfied customers all throughout Ontario that have purchased our spa covers over the past decade and a half. We are memebers of the Better Business Bureau and have an excellent reputation that we are extremely proud of.

If you live in St Thomas and are looking for a replacement hot tub cover you don't need to spend another minute shopping around. We've got you covered.

Once you place your order, we'll confirm with you over the phone before charging you anything. The process is completely risk free! Questions? Please give us a call on our toll free line at 1-800-505-0559.


Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers

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