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Old buildings, new attractions and big enough to have everything you want and need in a city. Its no wonder that London Ontario is the primary destination for so many people who chooose to live in Ontario.

In London humid, hot summers meet snow and ice in the winter. Your hot tub cover sits in the middle of it all - day and night protecting your spa. But over time, the elements always win and that's where Lillypad Cover Company comes in - providing London Ontario replacement hot tub covers for all the hot tubbers!

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london building
This old building is typical of beautiful architecture of the city of London Ontario. Do you think maybe there is a hot tub somewhere in there?


Visitors and residents love to strap on skates, cycle, run or walk along one of the many scenic pathway systems that border the 'forest city' as it is affectionately referred to. And after an enjoyable day having fun with everything the city has to offer you know what you really would LOVE to do, don't ya? Relax in your hot tub, favorite drink in hand!

At Lillypad we construct London Ontario replacement hot tub covers out of top quality materials ensuring that your new spa cover will provide years of excellent insulation and good looks.

When considering where to purchase your replacement hot tub cover, remember that it spends its time exposed to the elements. Make sure that whatever spa cover you purchase, it is capable of providing protection from the sun AND the cold. If your hot tub cover is constructed from cheap materials it's lifespan will be compromised. That's why we use only the best materials and offer numerous ways to upgrade your cover depending on what sort of elements it is regularly exposed to.

With free shipping and prices starting at only $339 Lillypad offers the very best value for high quality London Ontario replacement hot tub covers. Simply follow the links on the right side of the page starting with home and pricing, sit back, and your replacement hot tub cover will arrive at your door in 10 to 14 days! What could be easier?


London Ontario winter river skating
London is known as the 'Forest City'. At Lillypad we think nothing suits a beautiful forest like a nice hot tub!


Whether your spa is sitting in the forest or nestled on your balcony, your hot tub cover simply absorbs more and more moisture over time. Eventually it gets increasingly harder to lift and the insulative propertie are reduced.

You pay more (sometimes a LOT more!) in heating costs if your spa cover isn't doing its job. By ordering a high quality London Ontario replacement hot tub cover from Lillypad you can be sure your hot tub will be well protected while saving on your hydro bill!

So relax - we've got you covered. Once you place your order, we'll confirm with you over the phone before processing it. The process is completely risk free - and simple! If you have any questions about your London Ontario replacement hot tub cover order please just give us a call on our toll free line at 1-800-505-0559 and we'd be happy to answer your questions!


Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers

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