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Hamilton Ontario is located in the heart of the 'golden horseshoe' on the west end of Lake Ontario. Its home to McMaster University and The Canadian Football Hall of Fame which are clues to the kind of things that make Hamilton tick: a dedication to innovation and active lifestyles. For hard working people in Hamilton, ending a long day with a soak in a hot tub is a favorite activity. At Lillypad Cover Company we've been shipping Hamilton replacement hot tub covers for over a decade and a half - and business is booming!

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Hamilton skyline
Hamilton is home to thousands of hot tubs!


Whether you live in student housing or in a condo or detached home, chances are you have access to a hot tub. If you're really fortunate, your residence in Hamilton has a hot tub that you can use anytime! Wherever you reside, we have the replacement hot tub cover for you.

In Hamilton the summers are often very hot and humid and the winters can get very cold and dry. Your replacement hot tub cover spends all of its time exposed to the elements all year round, providing the only protection your hot tub has from the elements.

If your hot tub cover is constructed from inferior materials or manufactured improperly its lifespan will be radically affected. At Lillypad we construct our replacement hot tub covers out of top quality materials and pay diligent attention to detail, ensuring that your Hamilton replacement hot tub cover will provide many years of protection.

Hot tub sunset
Backyard hot tub.


If you've ever tried to hoist an old spa cover off of a tub, you probably know that old tub covers absorb moisture over time and gradually become waterlogged. This makes them harder to lift. It also radically reduces the insulative properties of the hot tub cover. Over time you pay more in heating costs if your spa cover isn't doing its job!

By ordering a high quality Hamilton replacement hot tub cover from Lillypad you can be sure your hot tub will be well protected from the elements while saving you heating costs over the long run!

With prices starting at only $339 and free shipping we offer the very best value for high quality Hamilton replacement hot tub covers. Simply follow the links on the right side of the page starting with home and pricing. Your replacement hot tub cover will arrive in 10 to 14 days.

Don't worry - we will contact you at the information you provided to confirm your order before processing it. If you have any questions about your Hamilton replacement hot tub cover order please just give us a call on our toll free line at 1-800-505-0559 and we'd be happy to answer any questions!

Don't wait - start enjoying the benefits of a new hot tub cover today!


Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers

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