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Located right across the river from Buffalo NY, Fort Erie is one of the fastest growing towns in the entire Niagara region. Everyone who moves to Fort Erie knows that it's just a short drive across the border to get cheap prices on all sorts of goods. Milk, cheese and maybe even a bottle of wine (if they let you through without paying duty!). So when it comes time for a replacement hot tub cover, a lot of folks in Fort Erie think about driving down to the US to get a good deal.

But the fact is that it's really tough to beat the service, pricing and quality that Lillypad Cover Company offers when it comes to Fort Erie hot tub covers. Considering that we offer highly competitive pricing, quick custom manufacturing and free shipping there's no reason to pay for gas and risk a surprise at the border. Just order your spa cover from Lillypad and relax.

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Why wait in a lineup like this one to try get a deal on a hot tub cover when you can order your Fort Erie hot tub cover now. Let us deal with the traffic - shipping is free!

At Lillypad we construct our hot tub covers out of top quality materials to ensure that your new spa cover will provide years of enjoyment and good insulation. We take the measurements you give us and build you a hot tub cover that is a perfect fit for your spa. For over 15 years we have built top quality hot tub lids for customers all over southern Ontario and our hundreds of great testimonials attest to the fact that you won't find better Fort Erie hot tub covers anywhere.

With prices starting at only $339 and free shipping we offer the very best value for high quality Fort Erie hot tub covers. Simply follow the links on the right side of the page starting with home and pricing. Your replacement hot tub cover will arrive in 10 to 14 days. No driving, no time wasted, no border hassles, no fuss!

Old hot tub covers absorb moisture over time. This makes them harder to lift and it reduces the insulative properties of the hot tub cover. Imagine wearing a wet jacket on a cold day - not very effective at retaining body heat. This is also why over time you pay more in heating costs if your spa cover isn't doing its job. By ordering a high quality Fort Erie replacement hot tub cover from Lillypad you can be sure your hot tub will be well protected from the elements while saving on your hydro bill!

We'll confirm your order before processing it. The process is totally risk free - we won't charge you a dime for your hot tub cover until we call to confirm everything on the phone. If you have any questions about your Fort Erie replacement hot tub cover order please just give us a call on our toll free line at 1-800-505-0559. What are you waiting for? Order now!


Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers

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