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The city of Barrie is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Young people from across Canada arrive here regularly for economic and technological opportunities and find it to be a place they can call home. Especially if the home they rent or own has a hot tub.

Anyone can rent or own a home. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have a hot tub! At Lillypad Cover Company, we are dedicated to making hot tub ownership affordable for everyone in Barrie. Our hot tub covers are custom fit to your spa, and we use top quality materials to ensure efficient insulation. That means lower heating bills and a more affordable hot tub for everyone in Barrie.

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hot tub gingerbread man
Ahh! Everyone in Barrie loves a hot tub!!
( Even pretend men made out of cake.)


So you moved to Barrie and got a great job? Congratulations! There's no need to spend one of your precious days off work driving around Barrie hunting for a replacement hot tub cover. You can simply click and order a hot tub cover from us and have it delivered to directly to your door. You'll arrive home from work to find it all ready to go. Completely hassle free!

At Lillypad we construct Barrie hot tub covers out of top quality materials using custom craftsmanship at our factory. It's easy: All you do is measure up your tub according to our easy instructions, pick your color from our wide selection, order online and relax!

We will ship a top quality, custom made, replacement hot tub cover right to your door in Barrie FREE OF CHARGE!

With prices starting at only $339 we offer the best value in Barrie hot tub covers available anywhere. Simply follow the links on the right side of the page beginning with home and pricing and your replacement hot tub cover will arrive at your door in 10 to 14 days.


sims hot tub
You can create your own hot tub in certain video games, but we can't build you a hot tub cover for them!


If you live in Barrie and you need a replacement hot tub cover your search is over. Spend your day off relaxing, not shopping. Once you place your order, we'll confirm with you over the phone before charging you anything. The process is completely risk free.

If you have questions about your replacement hot tub cover order just give us a call on our toll free line at 1-800-505-0559. No work involved!


Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers

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