Designed to float on the waters surface, the floating blanket is light weight and durable. Closed cell polyfoam is sandwiched between 2 woven plastic covers to create a tough durable insulating blanket. These blankets are easily cut to size and will not bunch up.

The advantages of a floating blanket are rather amazing. The most important thing a floating blanket does is almost eliminate evaporation. By eliminating evaporation, a floating blanket can reduce the operating costs of a spa or hot tub in a variety of ways:

1) Heat travels through moist air much quicker than dry air. Reducing the moisture level between the water surface and your insulating cover will cut down greatly on heating costs... less evaporation, lower heating costs.

2) Chlorine, and to some extent Bromine, evaporates from the water, simply dissipating into the air and bleaching out the underside of your cover (or, in some cases eating away at the underside of some covers). Less evaporation, lower chemical costs.

3) Most insulating covers eventually absorb water and get very heavy. Much of this water can come from the rising steam... Less evaporation, longer cover life.

By eliminating evaporation, you'll also find that the chemical balance of your water will remain more stable thereby allowing you to go longer between water changes. (Oh yeah, water costs money too... more savings).